FTP Input Operator

Operator Objective

This operator(AbstractFTPInputOperator) is designed to scan a directory from an FTP server for files, read and split file content into tuples such as lines or blocks of bytes, and finally emit them on the output port for further processing by downstream operators. The operator extends the AbstractFileInputOperator. It overrides the getFSInstance() method and returns an instance of the FTPFileSystem (org.apache.hadoop.fs.ftp.FTPFileSystem)

Class Diagram

FTPInputOperator class diagram

Operator Information

  1. Operator location : malhar-lib
  2. Available since : 2.0.0
  3. Java Package : com.datatorrent.lib.io


Because this is an input operator, there are no input ports.

Port Description Type Mandatory
output output port on which data is emitted String Yes


Property Description Type Mandatory Default Value
host the hostname of the FTP Server String Yes N/A
source the directory path from where to scan and read files String Yes N/A
username the username for authenticating against the FTP server. This is an optional property and can be skipped when anonymous FTP is enabled String Yes N/A
password the password to be used in conjunction with the above username String Yes N/A


Static Partitioning

Configure parameter partitionCount to define the desired number of initial partitions (4 in this example).


Alternatively, this can be changed in the application code by setting the operator property partitionCount to the desired number of partitions:

FTPStringInputOperator reader = dag.addOperator("Reader", new FTPStringInputOperator());

Dynamic Partitioning

Dynamic partitioning -- changing the number of partitions of one or more operators in a running application -- can be achieved in multiple ways: - Use the command line tool apex or the UI console to change the value of the partitionCount property of the running operator. This change is detected in processStats() (which is invoked periodically by the platform) where, if the current partition count (currentPartitions) and the desired partition count (partitionCount) differ, the repartitionRequired flag in the response is set. This causes the platform to invoke definePartitions() to create a new set of partitions with the desired count. - Override processStats() and within it, based on the statistics in the incoming parameter or any other factors, define a new desired value of partitionCount and finally, if this value differs from the current partition count, set the repartitionRequired flag in the response.

Example application

An example application for the FTP input operator can be found at https://github.com/apache/apex-malhar/tree/master/examples/ftp