Apex Roadmap

Summary of key JIRAs planned for future releases of Apex Core and Malhar.


JIRA Summary Version
APEXCORE-231 Ability to change attributes at runtime
APEXCORE-232 Ability to add new processing code to the DAG
APEXCORE-234 Better application configuration specification
APEXCORE-235 Improve support for batch processing
APEXCORE-289 Encrypted Streams in Apex DAG
APEXCORE-418 Support for Mesos
APEXCORE-498 Named Checkpoints - Checkpoint the DAG with a name/tag and start the app from that point


JIRA Summary Version
APEXMALHAR-1843 Split Malhar Library and Malhar Contrib package into baby packages
APEXMALHAR-1999 Running a Storm topology on Apex.
APEXMALHAR-2260 Python execution for operator logic
APEXMALHAR-2261 Python binding for high level API